Jared and Ashley
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

When someone first contacts me about engagement photos... there are a few things I like to specify.  

One- I like to choose my own locations.  Of course my client can give me some general ideas but the reason I do this, is because I want your experience to be different.  Making  your shoot special and original. ( I love this sessions location. Such a pretty backdrop for these two cuties)

Two- Another biggie is I don't really do tons of posing. I want you to be natural, engaged and your images to show your relationship and love for one another.  

Three- A photo shoot to me is an adventure.  An experience only we have together.  ( and when we run into a random runner in the middle of nowhere and claims he runs with a herd of Elk, chalk that up as part of the adventure, the experience) 


With all that being said...Here we have Jerad and Ashley.  As we drove to our location, we talked , caught up on who we know, what we have been doing and I thought to myself - Jerad is shy and one of those guys that I can tell hates pictures and I was correct as the first words out of his mouth before shooting was " I am not good at pictures."

But look at these images, who could tell,  what I see is the love they have for one another, the sweetness of their relationship and the excitement of being man and wife.

I love how Ashely calls him baby, how they failed at my command of" jump into his arms and raise your feet "and how Jared looks at her with complete joy. 


I love my couples.  I love hearing their love story.  I love looking at their images and seeing what we created.


Thank you Ashley and Jared for giving me the honor of capturing this sweet moment in your lives. 




Jeramee and Kara
Monday, June 05, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Hands down this was one of my favorite shoots.  Maybe because I dragged my husband along. Which was a good thing, who knew it was rattlesnake season, well, I didn't know because, I guess I don't really think about rattlesnakes and that is why my husband is the smart one in the marriage. lol! Before I even click the first frame we spotted our first rattlesnake.  I screamed and we all listened for rattle noise for the next two hours. UGGG! So scary.

Off we went on our double date photoshoot.  My busband Steve walking ahead of us with a large stick making noise and clearing the way for us.  I am sure we looked like a real SH#T show. A man  with a stick followed by a photographer and a couple kissing.

 We laughed, I told my old boring stories , Jerome sneezed with allergies and these two lovers made photo magic... and they said, they werent photogentic.  Yah, right!!!  

I love our images, I love you two and I only wish the best for your future.

 You two are a perfect fit ... Congratulations and your up coming wedding.


Daisy and Conan
Thursday, June 01, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

One big plus of being" the" photographer of a family from the beginning, is you get to see the babies grow and change.  Fun to see the first teeth, the baby pony tails and stumbles of the first walk.  How their personalities change before your lens and how they grow to recognize you and your camera. 

In 5 months time since our last shoot,  Daisy is taking steps and Conan still being the best big brother. Fun to see even with an age gap they are still close and loving to each other.  Conan adores her and Daisy admires him.

We had a great time off the road, down by the river, throwing rocks and trying to make Daisy look at the camera. 

Kevin and Rachelle
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

OMYGOSH!!! Guys I love these images!!  When I think of taking images of a couple my main focus is to show interaction, a relationship and love.  Of course we pose but then I start working on getting the couple to relax, laugh and express emotion.  I want to be able to look back at an image and feel emotion through the image.


Of course Kevin, like every other guy hates pictures.  But as soon as I turned on my one woman comedy show and with the help of Rachelle being so laid back and fun... I think we show just how much fun and laughter we had together. 

I love that they both trusted me.  This is only the beginning of trust.  Because this was the first intimate nuptials and next year they plan to have a big ceremony after settling into their new Airbase.


 I had so much fun, love what we captured and can't wait for our future shoot together. 


West Jewlery
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

In a perfect world you teach yourself to use a camera, start a photography business, have your daughter as your number one model and get to shoot jewels for one talented jewelry designer... wait, pump the brakes, that is, my perfect world!


When Kara messaged me to shoot her new summer line with the idea of a beach vibe, I did my happy dance!  

So off I went with my pretty little model, dipping into the cold water, walking barefoot in the sand and posing along the shore. Putting a necklace on, taking an earring off, changing in the car.  Driving home with wet clothes, eating ice-cream and fries.

I loved how the necklaces were the perfect accent to a summer outfit, how the earrings shimmered against the colors of summer and the sweet little silver rings look perfect with a summer glow.


Kara is building a new website and these images will be showcased. I will pass on that information when  available. 

But for now please go follow her and her amazing talent over on instagram.  

User name west_jewelry_boutique

Addie's Maternity shoot
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

I'm not going to lie this shoot had me in tears a lot.  Maybe it's because I miss this time of my life, when my babies were little. I also think that their is something so emotional about the first child getting a new sibling.  The first born that still seems like your baby but when the newborn comes into the picture the eldest looks like a giant.  The love you have for the first one will now be shared with another.  It is an emotional time but a joyous time. Adding more children to the family unit mixes it up, stirs the pot and adds more to the equation. 

I have photographed this sweet little family many times and everytime I do I walk a way with a smile.  Fun to see Finn grow.  I love his sweet personality. his joy and his wit.  What a smart, adorable, little boy.   I loved our dinosaur adventures, our gathering of rocks and hugs good-bye.  Finn you are going to be the best big brother and your new baby brother or sister  is going to be one lucky kiddo.

P.S>.... Can we talk about how beautiful Addie is pregnant?  She is ginger perfection. xoxo


Abbie, Emma and the Mama
Monday, May 22, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Going into this photo adventure I thought I had a two year old figured out.  I packed bubbles, flowers and crackers.  This all backfired when all turned out to be a distraction. Shelby and I thought of sure let's give Abbie a cracker and then she will want to go on a photo adventure.  Nope!!! It turned out to be a running adventure. 

When i look at these photos  I see both little girls personalities. Maybe Abbie didn't want to sit still for photos and maybe she didn't want to go our way on the trail but I see her personality in these images. She is sassy, she has a strong will, she likes to go on her own path. But this is what makes Abbie, Abbie.  She is adorable cute and those long eye lashes that make me so jealous.  Emma was sleeping most of the shoot but when she did wake up she woke up as a little Angel. Her sweet little cherub face and her darling little pony tail. Easy going on a photo adventure.

So happy Shelby had me capture their photos. I love seeing these cuties grow and change.  I love seeing the love Shelby has for her girls.  How sweet and loving she is with them.  How the girls adore their mama is precious..


xoxo- Deneise