Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley

After a week of rain we really were taking our chances with a rainy weekend forecast.  But by the grace of God we had a brief break this Saturday morning.  Of course it was windy but heck I'm all about the wind.   Those swirly gusts make for romantic, snuggle, pictures.  A family of four dressed so adorable. Two kiddos that were just the sweetest.  One dad that was a real good sport and one beautiful mama that made being 8 months pregnant look breath taking.I can't tell you enough how much I love these photos.  I love how the images captured their personalities, their relationships and the connection of a family.I look at Cooper and am reminded of how he had fell asleep the night before with his spiderman costume on with his regular clothes underneath.  So he slept wrong and his legs hurt and he wouldn't walk so dad had to carry him.   I'm thinking ..." glad that happened Cooper" because all these circumstances made for the cutest of photos. Thanks for taking one for the team. We walked, we climbed, we laughed and we became friends.  I can't wait to meet the new baby and see what photo magic we make we 5 instead of 4. :)    

Cody, Carmen and Claire
Monday, April 09, 2018
Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley

We picked a chilly windy day but it worked out because cold days make one have to snuggle. So in the cold with Grandma Dorthy looking on, Auntie Kara shaking baby toys, Cody having to listen to my commands of lift the baby ( in my best Elaine voice a Seinfield episode.)  Carmen just looking like one beautiful mama in her long hair from all those pre-natal vitamins . Might need to get some of those vitamins just incase old unprego  people can grow long hair like her. LOL!!!  After shooting Carmen's maternity images I was dying to meet the face behind the bump.  OHHH....Claire is the cutest!  That sweet face, those pretty eyes and just the best nature one could ask of a baby.Loved seeing my cute little family friends.  Seeing how Carmen and Cody are as parents.  Just like I figured.  They are the best of parents.  So gentle and kind with Claire.  I am so happy that I get to be a part of watching Claire grow through my lens. 

Bruce Wedding
Thursday, April 05, 2018
Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley

  It has taken me months to be able to write this post.  I mean it's not every day you have the same wedding experience I had with my daughter.   We celebrated giving an engagement party,( driving two hours for perfect engagement pictures) welcome to the wedding party party, say, yes to the dress party, bachelorette party and bridal shower party.  It was a year of celebrating that's for sure.  So many fun memories that we all love to bring up when we see each other.   Planning the wedding with a mother and daughter type A personality is not something I would recommend but I would do it all over again.  From designing the invites and making the venue, the wedding decor, the cake, all the florals, the music were some of the things we did ourselves in the DIY wedding.  We really couldn't have pulled this off if it wasn't for my family.   Using my dads farm, we built a dance floor, a bar, dug holes for lights, set up thrifted items of vases, tables and rugs.  Our family came together to not only help with set up but to also, borrow a golf cart, a motorhome, bake pies, pick up cow poop and so much more.  If I was the "fly on the wall" watching a family, my family, come together to make this happen I would be in AWE of the love that just illuminated from this image.  Seeing my nephew drive guests in the ...

Andrew and Karlen
Friday, March 30, 2018
Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley

2- Physical Therapists 2- rescue dogs 1- Airstreamand you have yourself a recipe for the perfect match I loved meeting these two adventurous souls.  Learning their story.  How they met, how they live and how they see the future.  We talked of planned adventures.  Airplanes, CIA, my fear of heights?water and how my new hiking boots make me fall.  What I love the most about meeting new friends is the fact of learning about their lives.  It is so fascinating to me.  A guy from Nebraska meets a girl from Ohio and end up in the PNW.  Living in an AIRSTEAM done by the river ( not really the river but you get it if you watched SNL). Thank you for letting me be the one to capture your big moment, the beginning of the next Chapter!   

Ashton and Brittney
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Danielle, Chance, Cooper and Hadley

I have a few photo friends that began this journey with me.  They barely knew me but they had the same love as me, Photography and that is how, we, came together by knowing a friend of a friend and here were are years later.  I always love shooting with Brittney.  I don't really have to direct.  We talk, she moves, walk we tell stories.   This time I got to meet Ashton.  I felt like that protective mother asking how did you meet, where do you work and just ole you better be good enough for my, more guy.But as it turned out Ashton is a real great guy, Brittney seems so happy and I can't wait to see how these two grow together.  AWWW...  I have to say I LOVE these images.  I love their CHEMISTRY.   I love the WIND, the Clouds and whelp just about everything makes me smile about these two. P>S> Birttney is just drop dead GORGEOUS and Ashton them man muscles WOWZA!!!