Abbie, Emma and the Mama
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Monday, May 22, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Going into this photo adventure I thought I had a two year old figured out.  I packed bubbles, flowers and crackers.  This all backfired when all turned out to be a distraction. Shelby and I thought of sure let's give Abbie a cracker and then she will want to go on a photo adventure.  Nope!!! It turned out to be a running adventure. 

When i look at these photos  I see both little girls personalities. Maybe Abbie didn't want to sit still for photos and maybe she didn't want to go our way on the trail but I see her personality in these images. She is sassy, she has a strong will, she likes to go on her own path. But this is what makes Abbie, Abbie.  She is adorable cute and those long eye lashes that make me so jealous.  Emma was sleeping most of the shoot but when she did wake up she woke up as a little Angel. Her sweet little cherub face and her darling little pony tail. Easy going on a photo adventure.

So happy Shelby had me capture their photos. I love seeing these cuties grow and change.  I love seeing the love Shelby has for her girls.  How sweet and loving she is with them.  How the girls adore their mama is precious..


xoxo- Deneise


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Deneise Bucko - Thank you Laura, I really do appreciate your kind words and taking time to comment on my blog.
I loved capturing Jared and Ashley in this moment in their lives...It is such a special time in their lives and we had a blast!

Thank you again :) you are one lucky grandma with these two special people.
Laura Lane - "HI" first of all i wanted to tell you that you do beautiful work...I am Ashley Allens gramma...I love her and Jared so much and i'm so excited for their upcoming wedding..I wanted to thank you for doing such a great Job with their engagement pictures...Ashley is so special to me...and you did a wonderful job capturing her inner and outer beauty...Again "THANK YOU" for a job well done