Ashton and Brittney
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018
By Deneise Bucko Photography

I have a few photo friends that began this journey with me.  They barely knew me but they had the same love as me, Photography and that is how, we, came together by knowing a friend of a friend and here were are years later.  

I always love shooting with Brittney.  I don't really have to direct.  We talk, she moves, walk we tell stories.   This time I got to meet Ashton.  I felt like that protective mother asking how did you meet, where do you work and just ole you better be good enough for my, more guy.

But as it turned out Ashton is a real great guy, Brittney seems so happy and I can't wait to see how these two grow together.  AWWW... 


I have to say I LOVE these images.  I love their CHEMISTRY.   I love the WIND, the Clouds and whelp just about everything makes me smile about these two.


P>S> Birttney is just drop dead GORGEOUS and Ashton them man muscles WOWZA!!!

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Deneise Bucko - Thank you Pattie! I am glad you love them!!
Pattie - You have captured their spirit, their love!!! Absolutely gorgeous photos! ❤️
Deneise Bucko - Thank you so much :)
Sandy - Absolutely gorgeous!!
Deneise Bucko - Thank you Shae! You are very sweet! I really appreciate your kind words!
Shae - Absolutely stunning Deneise!!!!