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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

I been putting off posting this blog post. I guess to me this shoot was like Christmas.  You plan, you prep, you grow excited with anticipation,  you want it to be here but you know when it is, it will be over...

The vintage dress started my vision. The dress was not the usual Freepeople long flowing dress.  The fabric is thick, the fish appliques randomly placed, a boxy square shape.  I loved that is was different than what I have seen in photos.  In fact I have never seen anything like it at all.

The location!!!! Now this I drove for hours looking for just the right place. I wanted me some Sagebrush and it was PERFECTION to my eyeballs.

My model Brittney was the perfect choice. She made the dress not just gorgeous but stunning. She reminds me of Margot Robbie of The Wolf of Wall Street. That bone structure and those perfect eyebrows that I aim for everyday but my brow pencil fails me. 

The wind was a gusty 40 mph that day.  I remember thinking crap this is going to be interesting along side of the freeway, in the middle of nowhere with the wind not being blocked by anything... looking at these images I love the wind, I love how the wind controlled the shoot, the movement of the dress and Brittney's hair.  Each image was like opening a new Christmas present.  I didn't know what to expect. A total surprise.

As we made our way "back to town", we chatted about the van of men that came out of nowhere ,passing us as Brittney posed in the road, how we ended up shooting in a random shooting range in the boonies,  posing on a chair the was so lightweight it kept blowing away and LIFE.  My favorite part of a "one on one" shoot is the chance to talk, the chance to get to know about their life and how a friendship begins that I know will be a forever relationship.   I love making new friends,  building on new relationships and the adventure in pictures.   I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to meet such amazing and loving people.  Brittney is a gem with a HUGE heart.  She is kind, she is sweet, she is a gentle soul and I will forever cherish our time together. Can't wait to work with you again pretty lady!!

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