Bruce Bridals
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Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Before Steven and Chelsey were even engaged I talked to Chelsey about Bridals.  

I pitched the idea of not doing a bunch of husband and wife photos the day of the wedding but waiting a couple of weeks.  This way "you" as a couple get to enjoy "your" guests and not have to step away from the party. Enjoying the moment and not feeling rushed by a schedule.

 ( Their wedding was a PARTY and as said by most guests "best wedding ever"- I mean not everyone gets married on a ranch with cows, owned by Chelsey's grandpa by the name of  "PICKLE")   

In thinking of a location for the bridals, Steven and Chelsey had visited the Big Four Caves last fall.  ( I missed the invite) When they decided to go back for Bridals I was super excited to see one of my must "sees" in the PNW and photograph them in a mural painted by God. I cried when approaching the caves.  Such beauty surrounded us and how lucky are we to be there taking photos? SO LUCKY!

Yes, Chelsey had her makeup done at 8:00 in the morning. Yes, we drove 6 hours with a wedding dress and suit.  Yes, we picked her bouquet from the forest. Yes, we had to race the sun before it set in full wedding gear to reach the caves. 

AND yes, we lived in the moment.  We hiked, we laughed, we talked about how Steven cut his finger a week ago and still won't take his band-aid off.  Watched Chelsey hobble along in her ankle brace and wedding shoes. ( a recovering high- ankle sprain from a accident one month before her wedding * car hit her biking ).  I got to see these two as husband and wife. They are very entertaining.  How they just don't stop talking. I felt as if I was watching a Seinfield episode.  

I am lucky to have been party of their journey.  I took their engagement photos, most of their wedding photos and now their bridals. (I will forgive Steven for not taking me with them when he proposed in NYC) I never thought for a moment that I would be my daughters forever photographer.  To share all these moments and experiences together is more than a dream but a blessing from God.

Thank you Steven and Chelsey for letting me be a part of your photo life.

I loved our ( you two, me and Bobby ) adventure to the caves.  Going to Seattle afterward to see Seattle through Steven's eyes and trace his steps from that one year of living in Seattle.  ( I now know where he worked, jogged, ate and lived)  Being a part of that first trip to Ikea as a married couple wondering if anything they buy will be a test of marriage when putting it together. 


Love you both and thank you for being so dang good looking.  You make me look GOOD!!!!!



I am not finished editing their wedding so I cheated and posted the bridals first :) 

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Amber - Gorgeous !!!!!! Wow
So beautiful and so raw. I love the happiness! So beautiful..