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Thursday, April 05, 2018
By Deneise Bucko Photography

  It has taken me months to be able to write this post.  I mean it's not every day you have the same wedding experience I had with my daughter.   We celebrated giving an engagement party,( driving two hours for perfect engagement pictures) welcome to the wedding party party, say, yes to the dress party, bachelorette party and bridal shower party.  It was a year of celebrating that's for sure.  So many fun memories that we all love to bring up when we see each other. 

  Planning the wedding with a mother and daughter type A personality is not something I would recommend but I would do it all over again.  From designing the invites and making the venue, the wedding decor, the cake, all the florals, the music were some of the things we did ourselves in the DIY wedding.

  We really couldn't have pulled this off if it wasn't for my family. 

  Using my dads farm, we built a dance floor, a bar, dug holes for lights, set up thrifted items of vases, tables and rugs.

  Our family came together to not only help with set up but to also, borrow a golf cart, a motorhome, bake pies, pick up cow poop and so much more.  If I was the "fly on the wall" watching a family, my family, come together to make this happen I would be in AWE of the love that just illuminated from this image.  Seeing my nephew drive guests in the golf-cart to their seats, my brother and nephew-law being parking attendants, my two sister-in-laws went from rolling silverware to making fruit-trays to putting flowers in vases, my mama making pies, my dad getting his home ready, my cousin filming the wedding and my brother-in-law becoming a newfound carpenter's assistant. 


  The day had come ... our girl, the girl we have watched grow into a women was getting married.  I never in my wildest dreams thought when I was holding Chelsey that day of August 17, 1987, I would some day be taking my daughters wedding pictures.  What an honor, a blessing to be a part of her day in a way not every mom gets a chance to do. My heart was full with love and pride. 

  Being in the room with school day friends,  her best cousin and her best friend. It was so surreal. I had watched all these girls grow-up and as if time passed right before my eyes we were here, getting ready for the day Chelsey talked about, they all talked about, as if they were at the scene in "Sex in the City," where Carrie gets married or I guess she doesn't but you get what I mean.  They grew up together, talked of marriage together , shared memories, secrets and now this moment.  The moment they all would never forget, never would of missed and will forever be remembered. 

  This really was the wedding all will forever talk about, so many wild and crazy stories.  Something about having your own venue and not having a time limit. 

  Stories of proposals to come, marriage advice,  guests falling on the dance floor,  champagne bottle toasts leading to a BRIDE with a chipped tooth,  watching my dad swing dance,  whiskey shot toasts and everyone DANCED until the D.J. left at 1:00 A.M.  and of course much more :)


  Chelsey and Steven you are loved.  As you can see by all who came together to make this day happen.   We all want only happiness for the both of you. If you are happy we are happy.  As friends and family, we will always be here for you to support you in this journey of marriage.  



  *We hired a second shooter ( Heather Shane Photography) so you may notice there is not  many groomsmen or venue photos in this post.  (I was able to sneak my camera to the ceremony disregarding the brides wishes not to- I couldn't resist.)  The Bride and Groom decided to take bridal photos 3 weeks after the wedding at a remote location.  Not wanting to miss out on the wedding celebrations.  You can see those images here-  







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Deneise Bucko - Thank you so much lester:) You are so kind to me.
Lester - I love it! You are brilliant! The wedding is a day to remember! Love our family