Chelsey and Steven
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
By deneise

With snow in the forecast, fog in the air and two pretty people, in front of my camera... magic was made!!!

Chelsey and Steven have dating for 5 months.  I hit Steven up with this idea of a photoshoot a month ago.  I mean what better way for a mother to test her daughter's boyfriend than a couple's photoshoot.

Steven did amazing.  He didn't complain once, he was very patient and he trusted us both. I mean we made him walk through dead, frozen, sunflower fields.  

I do like posed photos but what I LOVE is the candids.  Candids show the relationship, the love for each other, the sweet moments.

I am so in love with these images.  All my favorites... Chelsey, Steven, fog, snow and dreamy white light.


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