Cody and Carmen
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Monday, July 10, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Location scouting for this sessions, I wasn't really thinking about the colorful people that might be hanging around on a Saturday night.  I was looking more at the esthetics of the place. The greenery , the river, the rocks and the summer sun behind us.  I didn't take into account that Saturday night brings out the river floater and their vans, the youth "shot gunning" beer while talking of girls and the good ole' days. 

My husband came along, for security, Carmen's sister Kara came along for hair, props and sister support.  We ventured into the trees and then went by the water.  We posed with on-lookers , we talked of babies, marriage and the fact these two about to be parents have been together since 7th grade.  

Carmen and Cody are sweet together.. You see the excitement they share to meet their sweet baby. Embracing these last moment of being just two and becoming a family of three. 

So in love with these images, I see their love, their happiness in them.



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