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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Once a year I get to meet up with this cute, adorable , family.

We shared engagements, wedding, maternity and now baby Nora has joined the photo fun.

This year, we shared 35 degree weather, the rising of the sun and the joy of watching Nora explore.  

Nora, what can I say...she stills the show.  She has the perfect little gerber baby face. She stares at you with those big eyes and your heart melts. 

I love seeing John and Katie as parents.  How they are so sweet and endearing with Nora.  They say she is a mama's girl but I do see a sweet bond she holds with her daddy.

 We caught up on life. Telling stories of parenthood, married life and who out of the two is the more organized one. LOL!

Thanks John and Katie!  I love the pictures we captured.  You three are so cute and so cute as a family.  It show through these images.




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