Greyson newborn
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Saturday, May 06, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

There is nothing more special then being invited into someones home to take newborn pictures.  Even more special when it is the second child being introduced to the first.

The eldest always cracks me up, not knowing that newborns are fragile, they have to be careful with their necks and the  top of the head. Ha, ha, pretty much no concept of this at all. 


The beginning of my shoot Pierce was not having it.  He really didn't want much to do with us.  But after the bribe of a lollipop , me fake calling Santa and then pretending to be the voice of Santa on the phone, let's just say by the Grace of God he came around and Thank God he did ... Have you ever had to entertain a toddler in tight quarters? We three adults where sweating like crazy being entertainers, climbing obstacles and cry consolers. LOL!!!!

I love watching how this family of three being introduced as a family of four, show love for each other.  Sweet kisses to Greyson, touching his baby toes and holding his hand. Such tender sweetness. 

Thank you Marcus and Brittney for letting e capture such a precious moment in our lives through images.

Congratulations on you sweet new baby boy!

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