Jared and Ashley
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

When someone first contacts me about engagement photos... there are a few things I like to specify.  

One- I like to choose my own locations.  Of course my client can give me some general ideas but the reason I do this, is because I want your experience to be different.  Making  your shoot special and original. ( I love this sessions location. Such a pretty backdrop for these two cuties)

Two- Another biggie is I don't really do tons of posing. I want you to be natural, engaged and your images to show your relationship and love for one another.  

Three- A photo shoot to me is an adventure.  An experience only we have together.  ( and when we run into a random runner in the middle of nowhere and claims he runs with a herd of Elk, chalk that up as part of the adventure, the experience) 


With all that being said...Here we have Jerad and Ashley.  As we drove to our location, we talked , caught up on who we know, what we have been doing and I thought to myself - Jerad is shy and one of those guys that I can tell hates pictures and I was correct as the first words out of his mouth before shooting was " I am not good at pictures."

But look at these images, who could tell,  what I see is the love they have for one another, the sweetness of their relationship and the excitement of being man and wife.

I love how Ashely calls him baby, how they failed at my command of" jump into his arms and raise your feet "and how Jared looks at her with complete joy. 


I love my couples.  I love hearing their love story.  I love looking at their images and seeing what we created.


Thank you Ashley and Jared for giving me the honor of capturing this sweet moment in your lives. 




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