Jeramee and Kara
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Monday, June 05, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Hands down this was one of my favorite shoots.  Maybe because I dragged my husband along. Which was a good thing, who knew it was rattlesnake season, well, I didn't know because, I guess I don't really think about rattlesnakes and that is why my husband is the smart one in the marriage. lol! Before I even click the first frame we spotted our first rattlesnake.  I screamed and we all listened for rattle noise for the next two hours. UGGG! So scary.

Off we went on our double date photoshoot.  My busband Steve walking ahead of us with a large stick making noise and clearing the way for us.  I am sure we looked like a real SH#T show. A man  with a stick followed by a photographer and a couple kissing.

 We laughed, I told my old boring stories , Jerome sneezed with allergies and these two lovers made photo magic... and they said, they werent photogentic.  Yah, right!!!  

I love our images, I love you two and I only wish the best for your future.

 You two are a perfect fit ... Congratulations and your up coming wedding.


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