John Sara and the baby bump
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Sunday, January 17, 2016
By deneise

Not even sure how it's possible to be this gorgeous on a daily and being a little over a month from her due date, makes Sara's beauty even more breathtaking.

Sara or as we call her Sweet, Sweet, Sara ( triple S) is a family friend.  From those summers at the Zak shacks, to the Seattle trip memories, the camping days and all the cheer team competiions... We have loved being a part of Sara's life. Of course, we now love John as he has became part of her life.  His love for Sara in endearing. 

I was a little teary, a little melocholy and a little worried about the winter lighting.  As it turned out, the light was dreamy , the conversation was entertaining... we talked of Seinfield ( my love of George and my confussion why John doesn't share my love), old times, why my neighbor has a duck living in her bathtub, Sara's master cheer skills and John's cute smirk.

It blows my mind that we are now here in this moment. The moment Sara and John welcome their baby boy into the world.

I am so honored and humbled that I was the one to capture these sweet baby bump images.

Love you three to the moon and back oxoxo


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Deneise Bucko - Thanks Lady!!! You are and those heart eyes…. I just LOVE you!!!! Thank you for always being my fan and leaving such great comments.
heather - You killled it! These are ABSOLUTELY perfect pictures. You find the best locations too! gah! heart eyes forever and ever!
Deneise Bucko - Thank you sweet Pickle!!! oxoxo
Pickle - I keep telling you that you have a gift!!
Maybe it's just that Sara grew up with us or maybe it's--
Nope with wet eyes I have to say that you captured what we all have experienced with these kids/adults, mom and dads to be and how they were a delightful part of our family❤️
Deneise Bucko - Thank you Leslie. I appreciate the comment. oxoxo
leslie - I love these pics! Great job Denise! ❤️❤️❤️