Kate and Nick
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

He is Australian.  She is American. They meet in Australia when she was working abroad. They dated, the married and now they are here.  The point of living apart on two separate continents.

While they wait for Kate's paperwork to go through that will give her the green light to live in Australia legally they play this game of waiting. Waiting and taking turns visiting each other as much as possible.

While Nick was visiting Kate here in the Pacific Northwest and because they didn't get any official images when they married at a small courthouse in Australia.  They decided this would be the perfect time to document their marriage in images.

We hiked, we raced the sun, we talked of travels, no children and what the future holds for this Mr. and Mrs. 

Thank you Kate for asking me along on this part of your journey.  A journey that holds patience, love and the future when you both can be together everyday without catching a plane.

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