Kevin and Rachelle
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

OMYGOSH!!! Guys I love these images!!  When I think of taking images of a couple my main focus is to show interaction, a relationship and love.  Of course we pose but then I start working on getting the couple to relax, laugh and express emotion.  I want to be able to look back at an image and feel emotion through the image.


Of course Kevin, like every other guy hates pictures.  But as soon as I turned on my one woman comedy show and with the help of Rachelle being so laid back and fun... I think we show just how much fun and laughter we had together. 

I love that they both trusted me.  This is only the beginning of trust.  Because this was the first intimate nuptials and next year they plan to have a big ceremony after settling into their new Airbase.


 I had so much fun, love what we captured and can't wait for our future shoot together. 


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