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Friday, January 22, 2016
By deneise

Had so much fun on my Lonely hearts shoot with Alexis my little model/ friend.  We ventured downtown.  Amongst, stray cats, man fans, bearded shake drinkers and horn honks ( not directed at me of course :)  Conversations of Alexis and her youthful life. Stories of dreams, dates and school.  Our adventurers are never boring and always memorable. I love her laugh, so of course, I try hard to make her laugh.

So happy our paths crossed at one point in life and we continue to be forever friends. She is like a daughter to me and I just love her.


 And of course with Love in the air and Valentine's Day near.  This made me think of love...

When I think of love I think of myself and how I think love has to start with loving yourself.  So many times I see individuals out there in the photograhy, facebook and instagram world .  Expressing their self doubts , what they hate about themselves and I think, maybe, all this is associated with social media.  How we compare ourselves to others and their lives.  But guess what-those others are no different from you. Because really, we all, are just humans trying to live in the same world.

I stopped comparing myself to others years ago.  I wanted to quit photograpy so many times until I learned to compare myself with myself.  How am I doing from a year ago, a month ago and today.  What have I learned, what have I tried to do different or better.  If all you do is get up feeling bad about yourself but not do anything different -then how will anything be different?

Guess what I am not the best and there will be someone better, someone prettier, younger, smarter and more creative ... I can only be the best of me...  I am a goof, I laugh at my own jokes, cut my own bangs, try to make friends with every old person I see and yes, I try my hardest to get Deb at Target to smile because she always seems like she is having a bad day. 

 and as Justin Beiber would say-GO Love yourself... peace out!

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