Mike, Mandy and Jax
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015
By deneise


Before I talk about this adorable family, can I just tell how much I am love with this field.  I seriously could shoot here over and over and I am not one to shoot in the same spot.  It is just dreamy in this dried out summer we are having.


Now on to the family.  First let's talk Mandy.  I mean that hair, it is gorgeous in everyway.  Her tats are perfection and she is just so stinking beautiful.

 Jax was a cute little character.  He would just not look at the camera at all and yes, I used all my regular tricks.  Pig noises, coyote howls and screaming just wouldn't cut it.  So when I heard grandma was coming to pick him up and take him home for nighty night time, I just kept telling Jax grandma was coming to put him to bed.  Everytime I said it, he looked.  Who knows why this worked but that cutie looked.

 Mike had been sick in bed for two days but got out just for the shoot.  I think he should get a purple heart for his heroism.  Not many men would venture out let alone to a photoshoot with the stomach flu.  He did great and so worth it, these images turned out amazing!!!

Loved meeting the cute little family and I am so excited to photograph their wedding in December. 



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