Mike, Sarah and Jack
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Friday, October 27, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

I met Mike and Sarah once years ago and had never met Jack.  Nothing better than having a reunion in a pumpkin patch to catch up on life. We caught up on old news and new news.  We made animal sounds to get Jack to look.  He is new to coyote howls and my voice maybe scared him a little.

THESE three make for a cute, adorable, sweet, family!

First of all can we talk about how Sarah is just beauty perfection.  I mean her skin is that which should be on a DOVE commercial.  She is so photogenic and you can see through these images she is one happy lady. 

Jack is just stinking adorable.  I mean look at that blonde hair.  Those blue eyes like Frank Sinatra but really they come from his daddy. What a sweet angel baby.

Mike was a good boy/man.  I told him right off " I know guys hate pictures", I've heard it all from every other guy in this world, " I know football is on" so let's just get in there takes some pictures and getter done.  

 Mike was a gem.  He never complained once.  He laughed at my jokes and he did what I told him to do.  What a perfect role model for all those guys out there in "I hate pictures land"

Thank you Mike, Sarah and Jack ... I had fun on our pumpkin patch adventure!  

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