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Monday, September 18, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

The first time I met J.R. and Kylee it was last winter.  We froze our buns off shooting their engagement photos.  But really "we three" didn't care about the cold.  They appreciated my vision.  I appreciated their willingness to hike mountains.  I felt like I struck gold with a couple that had that "chemistry."   The chemistry  that one notices when looking at their images.

The next time I would see them together would be almost 10 months later on their wedding day.


When you look at their images, I want you to take notice, I want you to see what I see...

I see the love they have for each other. The passion.

I see the love they have for family and friends.

I see they are surrounded by people that love them.

I see the fun they make.  The happiness they give.  The life together that has been waiting to get started.


Hands down this was one of the funniest weddings.  Everyone was so sweet, so kind and generally appreciated my job.

Of course I don't remember names and more so with a wedding party of 18.  Nicknames of Victoria Secret, Debra Harry, baby and hot bod were just a few I called out.  Funny they started to answer to their new names. 

The groomsmen were my buds!  We laughed, joked, told stories and they went for every crazy idea I had.  With them it wasn't as if I was working.  I was more like hanging out with 10 really cool guys.

I will forever remember the new friends I made, the love I witnessed and clients that I really appreciate letting me be me.

As you can see by these images it's not only a day of the bride and groom but a day of moments.  Moments you don't know that are happening.  Moments I love to capture.


J.R. and Kylee thank you and Congratulations.

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Deneise Bucko - Thank you so much Lana :)
Deneise Bucko - Thank you Marie. You are so sweet:)
It was such a beautiful wedding.
Lana - So gorgeous❤❤❤❤
Marie Brown - Stunning!