Nate and Kelsey MARRIED
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

I know I have told this story to  many but I'm going to say it again...


I met Kelsey and Nate when I first took their prom pictures 4 years ago .  I noticed them right away, they were different than the others, a different bound, a different love story.   As, I snuck them away from the rest of the group to take a few extra images ( I just found them so cute and adorable).  I remember crossing the street by the Davenport and saying to them, " you guys are going to get married someday, I can just tell and if you do let me take the pictures.


Fast forward ahead and here we are ...

both Kelsey just graduated from Whitworth, both have new grown-up jobs and both married their best friend.


The day was filled with high heat, high sun and feelings of excitement after 5 years of dating. 

The day was amazing friends, family and the beautiful wedding decor which was well thought out, both families helped with the big day and I got to take pictures of a sweet adorable couple that I am beyond blessed to be in their lives through pictures.


Congratulations Nate and Kelsey.  I love you both so much and pray for a happy life together.  

I can;t wait to see what the future has for you both.






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