Nathan and Jolyn
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
By Deneise Bucko Photography

From the overcast skies I prayed for to the fog that only dreams are made of and the day that couldn't be more perfect.


The wedding dress of her mother, vows under a willow, a ceremony of sweet words from the papa and the rain that didn't ruin their day.  It only made it better.

From the hugs of congrats, to watching them together surrounded by the ones they love, what an honor to be a part of their day.

I loved hearing Nathan's papa perform the nuptials, Jolyn's dad give a speech bigger than a garden, watching from a distance when just the two of them shared what each other had written for the other.  Wearing a dress that had been worn on a different day but altered for today, a day she would wear her mama's dress as her own.


Many blessing to you two and as the years go by... I only hope you look at these images and see family,each other, happiness, memories and LOVE!


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Deneise Bucko - Thank you Heather :) You are just a sweetie pie! I appreciate your kinds words so much...
heather - you have an incredible eye, friend! you're just blow me away constantly! cute couple <3