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Monday, February 20, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

It's been a long winter.  Snow on the ground since November and now the rain is here.  But for one day on a Friday the sun came out in all her glory.  We broke out of our cabin fever prison. 

I packed my car with cheese its, cinnamon bears, party mix, a sister, a brother and a girl they both had never met.  We drove 4 hours round trip because I wanted a styled shoot with old hotel signs, tumble weeds and wind in our hair.  

Christian and Brittney had never met but when you look at these images one could never tell... they laughed , they talked, they danced in the road and where blinded by the sun. A handsome man, a pretty girl and an styled elopement.  Oh, my dreams came true.

This shoot was so fun. Fun to just go for it. Live in the moment.  Not have a plan because their really was no plan.  An adventure with new friends talking the whole day away and not even listening to music.  I mean that in its self is amazing.  

Thanks to Chelsey for driving with us with a belly ache.  Thank you Christian and Brittney for being my models.  You two did good.  I love our images we made on a sunny day with direct sunlight and wind freezing our bones. 


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