Salvation Mountain / Slab City
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
By Deneise Bucko Photography

What is more fun than going to "one of your bucket list locations" with two of your besties? Hmm.. NOTHING!

If you know me, you know I have talked about going to Salvation Mountain as much as I talk about going to Iceland.


Why I was attracted to Salavation mountain in the first place was the story of Leonard Knight.  A Christian, outcast who found a place to fit in and a way to show God how much he loved him through art.

Yes, it's about a two hour drive from Palm Springs, yes, it might of been smarter to not go at high noon  ( squinty direct sunlight is not my friend) but the journey we had and the memories made where more than I can wrap my little heart around... these images will always be a part of that memory that I will look at over and over again. Cherishing them forever and ever.



Along side Salvation Mountain is East Jesus.  A city of Art, a city of wandering souls and desert nomads.  As you walk amongst the art you walk alone but don't feel alone.  Not an area populated by tourists.  With a "ghost town effect" - have the feeling as if you walked on to the set of WALKING DEAD!


I could go on and on about the Banana museum , the house with twenty Chiwawa's along side the museum and the isolated Salton Sea on the way that no one can use. Meeting my new friend LuLu and my Insta bestie Heather...  But you probably wouldn't understand , because I barely believe it all myself. 




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Heather shane - Love every single shot! Of course. You handled the harsh light and made it your bi#%! :)
Deneise Bucko - Thanks Heather!!! Sure was a tough one- I could barely see - might of shot a couple with my sunglasses on - lol!!!
At least I got some images - good or bad!!