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Saturday, May 12, 2018
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Lilacs will forever be my favorite spring bloom.  So many childhood memories at my grandma's house.  She not only had 2 lilac bushes in her front yard but her house was filled with other lavender hue sightings.  From bedding to lilac scented air sprays to clothes hanging in her closet.  Lavender was her color and her scent.


So of course when the bushes started to bloom I just had to take advantage of this spring moment.  A great opportunity to showcase senior portraits.  

So off I went with my young, pretty and so, so, sweet friend, Samantha to find spring blooms.  I didn't want to go to the regular spots that most do.  I didn't want pruned bushes with the perfection from a Manito gardner.  I wanted wild.  We found ourselves stopping by the side of the road by a random house that looked kinda of scary and you when you hear the sound of someone rototilling their garden ... you RUN but not before you get some pretty images :)


Samantha was a photo sport.  She let me push her head into bushes, she sat down in probably tick infested grounds and was a breeze to direct.

We had great talks about the future, the present and goals of life.  I oh, so, much enjoy my time with my young subjects.  Hearing about all that what , see and believe will be there future story.  

Sam you are such a sweet, pretty, confident, loving soul.  I loved spending time with you in the joy of spring.  It was a BLAST!!!



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