Steven and Chelsey
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Tuesday, October 04, 2016
By Deneise Bucko Photography

When she was born I didn't imagine this day or I guess even think about it.  I thought she was forever going to be our little girl.   But then reality hits and I prayed, prayed everyday that God would find her the perfect mate,  a Godly man, a man that would take care of her, love her and see what we see in her.  A loving, caring, and giving women.  One that holds family to the highest, God in her heart and Christmas music going all year round. 

Then she found Steven.  A kind man that respects her, loves her and cherishes what they have together.    

Chelsey is my daughter, my best friend and a big part of my life. I am so happy, so excited for her future life with Steven.  I can't wait to watch them become a married couple, make a home and a family. 


I am blessed, I am moved and so honored to be able to take my daughter's engagement pictures.  

As, we look at these images now and in the future it will always be a memory that we three will hold so dear.  A day in October, we drove 3.5 hours to the dreamiest of locations to capture the love of two people.  A moment of time that will never happen again but we have these images to cherish. 


P.S.  I could go on and on but dang I am writing this while crying ... So you get it. I love her tons and so happy she found her prince charming!!

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Deneise Bucko - The good old days! I have such fond memories of them. Thank you Dee. You are such a sweet friend. Hope all is well with your beautiful family.
D'Andrea - How wonderful. It's hard to believe that little girl I met in Germany whose mom used to put her hair up in one little ponytail would grow up to be such a beautiful young woman. May God bless your upcoming nuptials. You make a lovely couple.
Deneise Bucko - You are the sweetest person I know- love ya!!!
heather - i wanted to be able to choose one favorite but you made that impossible. You poured your heart into this and i see it and i love it <3 well done! also these love birds are the cutest!