Steven and Chelsey
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Arriving at our location we found the sun, the wind and a snake on the trail.  The snake prompted stories of murder podcasts, Disney's "The JungleBook" and other stories about snakes with frogs echoing in the back ponds.  Chelsey's dress was to big so we had a costume malfunction, Steven's shirt was super scratchy.  Some got cranky, others stayed calm, the wind was cold and strong and by looking at these images one could never know the troubles we had that day. 

We captured love, emotion, feelings and a relationship.  All of my favorite things to capture in a couple. 

SO EXCTED ... the  next time we shoot will be THE BIG DAY " THEIR WEDDING" 

Love you two so much and so happy to be the one to capture all your love and happiness.  Let the countdown begin -8-19-17



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