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Thursday, April 21, 2016
By Deneise Bucko Photography

Bridals portraits are a very popular Southern wedding tradition.  The more and more I see Bridals , the more and more I love the idea.  Their are so many good reason to take Bridals 2-3 weeks before the you wedding. They give the bride a pre-run on her hair and makeup. You can take more time and enjoy your moment as a bride.  The chance to go to a different locations and feel more at ease in front of the camera.

  • The first paragraph is what I read on the internet.  But when I thought about all the above info.  I thought, hmm, you know what, the bride needs more time than just her wedding day.  She needs time to soak it in and enjoy her moment.  There are only so many times in a girl's life that it's all about her… senior pictures and her wedding day.  So I came up with a vision, I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was- the crown, the dress and the flowers.  I didn't want to style a bride I had seen but one I envisioned.  I want a floral crown, unusual flowers and a dress that was simple. I wanted a location that was different than what I see in other Spokane Photographers images.

My model Alexis was perfect.  Her hair was naturally beautiful, the crown was made for her by me and it turned out simply elegant and not over the top, little make-up but a great lip.  The Tulips were just what I imagined. Nothing Alexis wore competed with her but only complimented.

We had such a fun time.  Climbing a mountain, running from bugs and ticks.  Talking of dreams and friends.  I loved this doing this shoot with Alexis.  What a wonderful memory with such a sweet, dear friend.

Now I did this for me, not for the likes or the pats on the back.  Will anyone care?  Will this change anyone's life? No, but now the idea is out of my head and I can move on to the next new idea I have…. xoxo

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Deneise Bucko - Do it Heather… You will rock a bridal. Can't wait to see your magic that you create :)
Heather - You are a true inspiration to me! I'm going to brainstorm a styled bridal shoot now too! I love this. It's so simple but so perfectly beautiful.