The Bickleys
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

This hands down was one of the funnest family photoshoots.  Maybe because the kiddos didn't know my tricks, my cat meows, my coyote calls and the rest of my bag of tricks I use to get their attention.

 I would say " hey do you want to go on an adventure"?  and I heard screams of "yes"!  So off we went throwing rocks by the river, finding the perfect hidden spot of rocks and wood tee pees.  Watching mommy and daddy kiss made them laugh.  The promise of a toy after the shoot kept them going with smiles and kisses. 

This family is so sweet.  When I drove away from them.  I thought to myself... am I this sweet, could I be this sweet or is the family that just tops the sweet chart.  

xoxo thank you Bickley family.

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