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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Deneise Bucko Photography

There have been 2 times in my photographer life that I have been super, crazy nervous.

-Don't get me wrong.  I still get anxious before every shoot with butterfly fights in my stomach-

AS I remember my first wedding.  I don't think I that point I had charged for photoshoots. But out the BLUE someone had seen one of photos and wanted me to shoot their wedding.  In the 6 months before the wedding all I could think about was maybe they won't get married, maybe I will break my arm or leg but those maybes thank GOD didn't happen and I faced my fear and shot my first wedding. The couple and I are now friends forever. 

Well, all those fears came back to me when another local photographer asked me to take her families fall photos.  I read the message many times.  Thinking is she sure?  She will probably change her mind because maybe she wrote this message to me while drinking wine on Friday night.(J.K)  Leading up to the shoot my worst self kept me up sleepless nights thinking- "what if I suck " or what if I am to crazy for them.  Laurie has been shooting longer than me and has more experience under her belt. 

 PEOPLE this is why you shouldn't listen to your doubt.  

LAURIE and her family were so freaking NICE!  Hands down one of the funniest family sessions to date.  Didn't even seem like a shoot more like a playdate for me :)

We laughed, looked for pretty rocks, spotted a bald eagle, tried to talk about STRANGER THINGS and of course they haven't heard my weirdo stories so I tried to get a few out before the end of the shoot.  

I literally walked away thinking to myself, " I love them" and how can one woman be not only pretty, smart but so SWEET and kind. And maybe just maybe Jeff has more energy than me and maybe even funnier than I think I am.  



I am truly humbled beyond words that you asked me to capture your family in photos.  The biggest compliment to me is to have another professional in this business of photos trust me to behind the lens for them.

You and your family are just so sweet, fun and precious! I adore you all.

Thank you - 









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