the forever story
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Monday, February 23, 2015
By deneise

This is a story of girl meets boy.  They talk of forever. She buys a jumpsuit for this year's engagment party. There is no more forever... so instead we celebrate the beach, life, red lipstick and that forever jumper.


But one day Mr. Forever will come because this girl is more than amazing.   She is one in a million.  The brightest star in the bed of a million stars.  And she will know it's him because he will think the same way I do.  She is like no other.  She is the one.

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Deneise Bucko - Thanks you so much Leslie!!! You are so sweet!
Leslie Hawley - Beautiful story....there will be a happy ending. God has perfect timing. He will be her perfect match and soulmate! Love you chels!!